What you have all been waiting for… Part 18

I am very excited to share this part of my story with you all.  I began this blog to share and keep track of all of the stories that James and I had together while dating with long distance, and I was not sure when I would be able to share a post like this!…I am happy to say that I finally can.  I hope you enjoy!


Summer of 2016 was over and I flew back to MA to begin my last undergrad semester and moved into my new place.  The first month or so of being there was very rough because James and I had origionally thought that by now, he would be there too.  I doubted our relationship for awhile because why were things this difficult?  Why was us trying to be together so hard?  James put in a job transfer request which began the waiting game.  The waiting period was killing us.  It seemed that there was always something that popped up to slow things down.  I know that “patience is a virtue” but this was ridiculous.  We were so close to being together permanently, but it still seemed so far off.

For me, that might have been the hardest part of long distance.  Even though we were approaching our last lap of the marathon, it seemed to be the hardest one.  Something so great was just around the corner, but it seemed like we might not even make it there.  We have been patiently waiting for over three years!  Why prolong it any longer?  What is the hold up?  Why can’t things just work out for once?  I was starting to loose my excitement and faith in our relationship.  We were both so stressed out and waiting to hear back from the company to give him his transfer date which seemed like it would never happen.  We were getting on each other’s nerves because of the stress and we argued most of the time because of the seemingly never ending tension.  I began to think that maybe we weren’t  meant to be, because it shouldn’t be this hard to be together, most other couples do not experience this, so what is the benefit of us going through this?  We have already been patient and persevered, haven’t we put in enough time?  Isn’t it our chance to be together and happy?

The days drag on and the nights are so long.  All we can do is wait. His job told him that it would be a few months before they could transfer him, so he lined up an interview with a bank in MA.  Once he made it through the initial interviews and confirmed the final interview, he put his two weeks notice in for his job and packed his car and drove up to MA.  The waiting period is a time that I will never forget.  It was so hard and I hate looking back on it and feeling the feeling that made me think that James and I wouldn’t work out, but our day finally came, and it all happened so fast.


He got a call from the bank and they had an interview slot for him in MA later that week.  So, James packed his car with a mattress, most of his clothes, and whatever else he could fit and drove up to MA.  I don’t think that it hit either of us that it was happening, but on September 26, 2016, long distance was officially over.

It all happened so fast.  The thing that we have been waiting for for over three years was finally happening.  It didn’t happen how we planned for it at all.  It sort of snuck up on us, but at mid-night in the end of September, James was finally knocking on my door with a car full of his belongings parked in the street.

I remember the feeling I had when he was just a few hours away.  I have never been that excited to see him.  My stomach was turning all day waiting for him to pull into my driveway, and he finally did.  The next morning, we started moving him into the place he would be renting from. None of this seemed real to either of us because distance is all we have known for the past three years and two months, but we made it.  We proved that long distance can be done.  It didn’t come when or how we planned for it to come, but it finally did.  These past two months or so have challenged us more than I thought they would.  It will be interesting to look back at this time and see why it all happened the way it did, but I sure am glad it happened with him, and now, we are finally both in one place.

My next post will continue on with our adventures and dates together in MA! Lots and lots of pictures to come.

-Celia Alexandra



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