The End of Summer & The Last Goodbye Part: 17

I am very excited to share with you my next few blog posts because they are very important in the story of James and I and we are almost up to date!  Slight refresher-It is the middle of the summer of 2016, and I recently left James in PA after we celebrated our three year and he is now meeting me at the lake house in NY.  If you need a better refresher, read The Start to Another Summer: Part 16

Ok, ready?  Because I am!

fullsizerender-5James has been to the lake house before, but not during the summer, so I was very excited to show him what it was like in season.  He drove up and got to the house in the afternoon and we did not waste anytime, we went straight down to the lake for the day.  He and I laid in the sun and swam until we noticed we were getting sun burned, so then we set up his hammock under the shade of tall trees.   It was nice to get to walk around with him, kayak, hang out by the lake, walk out on the dock at sunset, go on bike rides, and sit on benches in the plaza and talk in the cool of the night.

The days flew and he had to leave because he had work.  He worked at the airport and the day that I flew back home, he ended work just in time to run over and give me an extra hug before I had to go.  It was little things like that that make distance work.  Every second that you can be together counts. When I saw him walk into the airport I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.  I ran over to him and got the big long hug that I was waiting for all day.  It was a short time that we had together, but it was sweet, and I needed the extra hug from him.

This weekend was just what we needed, and things between he and I were back to normal. They had been a little off recently because the distance was getting to us. James applied for a slot in the Air National Guard, a career move that would only add years and complication to our long distance.  It is very difficult when you have been doing it for three years and there doesn’t seem to be a set date when it will end.  Every time we made a plan, like him getting a job transfer to MA, something messed it up and postponed his moving date, but getting to be together for a few days set us back on track as it usually does. (He did not end up getting the flying slot for the Guard, so we stressed out for nothing.)

A picture taken at sunset on the dock by the lake.

In nineteen days, he would be flying to Florida to stay with me for a few days before I went back to school for my last semester of undergrad.  Hopefully, this will be the last time he and I have to say goodbye, because he should be moving to Boston at the end of August if all goes well.

James and I at the Beach.

He arrived in Florida and we went out to breakfast on our way back from the airport.  This was a weird feeling for us because this was the last trip we would have to make to see each other.  We filled the week with going to the beach and hanging out with my family and friends.  I can’t express the feeling that we both felt when it came time for him to leave.  It was a monumental moment for us because this was the very last time, in three years that we would have to say goodbye.  In about a month (which was the original plan) he would be moving to Boston, and we could kiss long distance goodbye; something I could not wait for.


Keep an eye out for the next post which holds the most exciting part of our story!

I also want to hear from you!  If you have been keeping up from The Beginning: Part 1 of James and my story, or you are picking up now, I would love to hear any questions that you have!  I will be working on creating a post that will address all of the unanswered questions, so leave me a comment and I will be excited to write a blog post just for you!

-Celia Alexandra



  1. Did you think about the times when you would be together for much longer at a time and the chances of it affecting you guys negativlely? like taking into consideration how you worked together so well as a long distance couple and wondering about the changes once you were not. I know that it would cross my mind and I would be aware of it, but I know i would do it all anyway, not being able to help it with so much care for each other -its like nothin can stop you guys!

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