The Start to Another Summer: Part 16

The summer of 2016 was the most challenging summer for James and I.  We got to see each other a few times, but the thought of long distance and when it would end was always hanging over us.  We had been dating long distance for three years… when would the distance end?  We knew that we wanted to be together, but it is difficult to move forward in a relationship when you feel that you are stuck and can’t do anything to get to the point when you can be near each other.  We had many tough conversations that summer, trying to figure out what to do and when we could do it.  Our plan was for him to move to MA to live near me in the Fall, but there were so many details and logistics that needed to be worked out before that could happen.

Best greeter at the airport. 

It was the middle of June and I was getting on a plane to go see him in PA, so we were excited to be able to stop stressing out over details and just get to spend some time together. I was going to be at his house for his birthday, so his sisters and I planned a fun surprise outing for him that night.  I always loved when I got to spend time with his family.


After a few days of being at his family’s house, we left and drove to his house that he lives at because he had to be back for work.  He lives just a few hours from his family.  We spent the next five days going on walks by the Ohio river, watching movies, cooking dinner and breakfast, going out to watch a movie in theaters, window shopping for engagement rings, walking around town, and getting ice-cream.

My favorite part of this week were the walks that we took into town and down by the river.  The weather was cool and sunny, so we would sit up on the benches that overlooked the river below and we walked along the dirt path by the river.  Everything I do with him makes me happy. If everything goes to plan, we should only have to say goodbye two more times before long distance is over.  Having an end in sight was both relieving and overwhelming.


I flew back home to FL, but was flying back and would get to see him in a few weeks for our three year. My family was flying there to pick up my sister, (she was working at the same camp that James and I met at) from there we were going to our family lake house that is a few hours from James, so a few days after we got there, he was going to meet us there.

I landed in PA and he gave me a big hug when he saw me.  I had a little surprise packed for him in my carry on.  The night before I left, I picked up two subs from a place that James loves in Florida.  I packed them in my carry on, and when I landed I told him that I brought them, so we drove to a nearby park and had a picnic.

We drove to his family’s house where we stayed for a day until my parents came in.  We planned an entire day of things for us to do to celebrate our three year.  We went to a drive-in movie the first night (the same one that he surprised me with two summers ago.)

Movie at the drive-in.

The next morning, we woke up early and got ready to go to the farmer’s market.  This was the first place that he and I hung out when we first started talking, so it was fun to re-trace our steps over three years later.  After we ate two huge waffles there, we went back to his house and decided we wanted to go for a hike.  We drove to the base of a nearby mountain where we began our walk.

My parents were coming that afternoon, so we didn’t have all day, but he and I are good at making the most of our time together.  I wish that we had more time together at his house, but in about a week, he would be driving to Upstate NY to meet us at the lake house and we would have a few days together.

My next post will include our time at the lake house and will wrap up the summer!  Thanks for reading!

-Celia Alexandra


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