Getting Time Together: Part 15

Hello All!

Finding time to blog has proven to be a challenge…but I have some time off, so here is the next part to my story.  I hope you enjoy! (I’m sorry for the lame title…I couldn’t think of one!  If you come up with a better one, leave me a comment-maybe I’ll change it!)

Some house keeping: If you need a refresher, to remember where we left off, read my last post Surprise! Part 14 and if you are just joining, read The Beginning: Part 1 to find out what my blog is about and to get some story context (you’ll need it!)

Ok, ready? Let’s continue…

James landed in FL for Spring Break and we didn’t waste anytime.  We ended up biking to the beach the evening that he landed.  It was really windy out, so we set up his hammock in between two trees right by the inlet on the beach. The wind blew us back and forth, and the towel I had was just enough to keep us from getting cold.  We laughed about who even knows what while we watched the sun go down.  The beach was quiet because most people had already left for the day, so we had our own private piece of paradise.

That night we ate dinner with my family then James and I went to our favorite place to get milk shakes, the Shake Shack.  We got into a habit of going there then bringing them back to the house and watching a movie.  That week was a perfect vacation for the both of us.  I needed a break from school and he needed a break from his full time job.  We both needed a break from being apart from each other and needed time to do fun things together.

I went back to school and he went back to his job.  The months flew by and I was getting ready to fly to Pittsburgh to stay with James for a long weekend before I headed home for the summer.  This summer he has to stay in Pittsburgh because he has a full time job.  Summer won’t be the same without him at my house like last summer, but long distance is almost over since he will be moving to Boston in the Fall (Just you wait for that story…)

James picked me up from the airport on a Thursday morning and I was staying with him until Sunday.  I walked off my plane and took the escalator down to baggage claim, where I saw him standing in his dark red long sleeve shirt and jeans.  He was pulling one of my over packed suitcases off the belt when I ran up to him, giving him a long over due hug.

“I missed you baby girl.”

“Finally,” I said, not letting go of him.

“So, I found a breakfast spot we can go to, then if you want to, we can go to the Pittsburgh zoo and aquarium.”

“What?  Yes I want to do that!”

We got to the breakfast diner and I ordered pancakes and he ordered French Toast (he always orders French Toast.)  We caught up on all the stories we wanted to talk about in person and when we finished we went to the zoo.  It was so much fun walking around for most of the day like we were kids, staring at the animals and also some of the people (we are good at people watching.)

Exploring at the zoo!

That night we walked around the city and went out to dinner then we drove to his house where we stayed for a few days before I had to leave.  It was fun getting to spend time with his family.

Leaving him, as usual, was sad, but I was excited to go home to FL for the summer and I was flying back to PA in June, so we had a trip to look forward to!

More on our summer adventures will be in the next blog post, and as always, thanks for reading!

-Celia Alexandra



  1. I appreciate the candidness of your blog! I also respect that y’all are making a long distance relationship work! I’m sure that takes a lot of effort, selflessness, and great communication. I’m sure he is a gentleman! Best of luck, I look forward to reading your next post, and Merry Christmas

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