Catching up: Part 12

I am going to try to get you all caught up a little bit so I can get closer to sharing stories from the present time!  This post skims through a few months of long distance, (Beginning of September-end of November of 2015) so stick with me!

I was now starting my junior year of college and James was starting his last semester of college.  He  flew to MA about a month after the summer ended because he was taking me to a concert that he got tickets for to celebrate our two year.

The month or so actually went by faster than expected and it was finally time to pick James up from the airport.  I pulled up to the passenger pick up area and saw him standing on the curb, looking adorable.  My face lit up right when I saw him, as did his. I pulled over and parked the car.  Running out of the car, I jumped into his arms and wrapped my legs around him, giving him a huge hug like I was a koala and he was my tree.  I finally had my boy back.

That night we drove to the beach and set up blankets.  We laid under the clear deep dark sky, lit up by piercing stars.  We stayed there for a few hours, I was wrapped up in his arms and things seemed as they always did.  We never skipped a beat, even when we hadn’t seen each other for a little bit.  This was something that said a lot to me.  Every time that James and I would see each other again after awhile, things would pick right back up.  We never missed a step or had to waste time getting comfortable with each other again.

While he was visiting, we went on breakfast dates, explored different towns together, and went apple picking at a farm.

The week flew by and before I knew it I was dropping him off at the airport, but we had a trip to look forward to!  (Which is very important.  If you have something to look forward to, it passes the time!)

After about a month of study dates via  FaceTime, he met me and my family in upstate NY for our fall break.  He surprised me by showing up earlier than he told me he was going to.  DSC_0865We walked around the quite town, surrounded by colorful leaves, went to an Amish market, went hiking, and caught up on a TV series we were watching together.  After the weekend, we both went back to our schools, but we would be seeing each other for Thanksgiving break.  I fly to PA with my family for Thanksgiving every year, so I get to see James a good amount during that break.  Thanksgiving was filled with a Turkey Trot, and family dinners.  It came time for me to fly back to school, but saying bye to James was funny to us because I was flying back to PA in five days for his December graduation ceremony. Stay tuned!DSC_0759



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