Saying goodbye to summer and him: Part 11

The summer was over before I knew it, and I did not have enough time to prepare for the rude awakening of going back to being far away from James.  We spent our last days in FL at the beach and going on dinner dates, but as hard as we tried to make the last few days drag out, the morning that we left came.  We retraced our steps that we took at the beginning of the summer on our road trip.  We drove back to SC for a night then the rest of the way to his house in PA where I stayed for a few days before flying back to school in MA. (Don’t worry!  Despite the title, we did not break up!)

There’s just something about being on a road trip with your best friend.  Driving through different states, stopping for coffee, and having nothing to do but talk to each other the entire time.  And we had plenty of time.  It gave us a chance to talk about our relationship and reflect on how much closer we got this summer.  We talked about whether we were nervous or not about how the summer would actually play out since we had never been around each other that long.  Having about three months with him only reassured me about what I have with him.  He said that he has never felt so sure of me or of anything before.  He and I really needed this summer.  Our relationship really needed this summer.


While at his house in PA, we continued our adventures.  One day we went for a hike where he used to go mountain biking and then we went to a natural water slide.  We parked in the gravel parking lot on the side of the road and walked up a short trail.  The skies were darkening with clouds, making it a little cold out.  Once we walked through the woods along the trail, the trees opened to a big river rushing over flat rocks.  There were small pools and coves around it, he and I tossed our shirts on the log and waded in the icy water, trying not to slip on the rock.  After we slid down the rock a few times we started making out way back.  We walked back up to the start of the slide then over to where the river tucked away and there was a hidden corner with trees.  He pulled me close to him and kissed me.

The last week we had together went by too fast, as it always does.  I packed everything up the night before so that I wouldn’t have to worry about the day of.  That night and the night before, despite our best efforts, we couldn’t help but break down.  Everything in me did not want to be away from him again.  The day I left him was the worst feeling I have felt.  It just didn’t seem fair.   We took a walk down his long driveway through the woods, crying most of the way, stopping every few steps to hold each other.  The whole summer was the most fun and exciting summer I could have asked for, and now it was over and I had to say goodbye to the best part of my summer.  I was heading back to school, and he would be heading back to his school for his last semester.  I knew that we didn’t have that much more time of dating long distance, but it was going to be at least another year until he could move up to Boston to be with me.  It is hard to see the big picture.  I knew that we were on the downhill, the last step until we could date like a normal couple, but none of that made saying goodbye easier.

This post is a little depressing!  If you haven’t already read Top 10 dates of the summer: Part 10 , I encourage you to!   It is much happier and gives an overview of some of the adventures we had that summer of 2015.



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