Summer nights: Part 9

It is nights like these that remind me why I’m just so lucky. It is your typical summer night, everyone is hanging out by the pool, the air is warm and the tiki torches are keeping the bugs away.  The moon is gleaming off of the pool as we light a sparkler together.  James and I have started our summer together, and I have no doubt in my mind that it is going to be the best one. (The cover photo for this post was taken on this night.)


James was staying in the guest bedroom down the hall from me, so every morning before he left for work, he would come in and say good morning. (He left for work before I did) Most mornings he would leave me a note on the bedside table…

“Good morning baby girl!  I love you so much and can’t wait to see you in just a few hours and spend my weekend with you!  Sleep well and sweet dreams.  We’re going to have so much fun today!  Love you.”


FullSizeRender 7
Outside at the plaza.

The summer was filled with spur of the moment dates.  One night we went to an outdoor plaza, which became our favorite spot to walk around together.  This seems to be our go to spot because it is so relaxing to get coffee and window-shop there.  Each side is lined with shops and restaurants, palm trees and light posts, and the middle section has water fountains.  It is a beautiful place. We make sure to stop into a furniture store every time we are there to look at things and make a dream wish list for our future house.

One night we went out for milkshakes and came back to my house to watch a movie.  We went to the beach one night and ordered a pizza for dinner.  As we sat on the oversized towel, we laughed and talked about whatever came to our minds.  A big storm was coming in from out in the ocean. The skies darkened around us as we sat and watched the lightning flash over the water.

Pizza date on the beach. You can see the storm rolling in on the left.

Our days were filled with unforgettable fun, but at the same time, I was trying not to think about how quickly this summer is moving.  It is already two weeks into June.  I do not want this summer to ever end.  I love getting a kiss early in the morning when he comes in to say goodbye before he leaves for work, I love being at work all day looking forward to getting home so we can go to the gym together and crash and watch a movie, I love going out for last minute dates, and having someone who is just as weird as I am with me, I love packing his lunch for him every night to bring to work, I love sneaking notes in his lunch bag, and waking up in the morning to little notes on my bedside table.   I love everything about this summer and the nights we get together.  In my next post, I will be sharing some of my favorite dates from that summer…stay tuned!

-Celia Alexandra



  1. I hear ya! Enjoy every moment together. Don’t worry about summers end…. yet. You will find what you need within you, when you get to that bridge. Either way, you’ll figure out how to cross it together. 💞

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