Just the start: Part 7

Readers, I have good news… I have only a few memories of feeling as excited as I was when we found out that James got the summer job he applied for IN FLORIDA!  The lead up to this was so back and forth and stressful.  It seemed like all the doors were being shut, and it was so discouraging that it was so difficult to just get to be a “normal” couple for a summer, but after many phone calls, emails, and a few trips down to Florida for interviews, it finally fell into place.  He had a job, and now our biggest concern was mapping out our 2015 road trip from Pennsylvania to Florida.  We would get to be together for an entire summer! I mean it was about time, we had almost been dating for two years at that point.


I flew to his home after my sophomore year of college was over.  We stayed at his house for a week before starting our adventure to Florida for the summer.

One of his friends from high-school was getting married, so we got to go to the wedding. James is three years older than me, so a good amount of his friends are married.

Wedding time!

On Saturday, James and I went to the farmer’s market that we went to the very first time we hung out at summer camp two summers before.  It was opening day, so there were more people than usual and more of a commotion, but it was the exact same as I remembered it, only this time I could hold James’s hand. We walked around and looked through all of the tents.  People were selling homemade jams and lemonade, soaps and jewelry, frames and plants, and waffles, which we both got.

I love re-tracing our steps.  I think this is important to do because it brings you back to the small memories that you might forget otherwise. And being back where we first met reminds me of all of those first feelings.


Another night, we set a movie screen up on the back deck of his house and watched a movie with his family. His house is surrounded by trees, so it made for a perfect outdoor theater. It was so relaxing sitting outside, buried under a blanket, surrounded in trees, looking at the bright starts that were not in competition with any surrounding city lights.  I love summer nights here.


The week passed and we started packing up James’s things for the summer.    He and I were staring the 1,130 miles down to Florida the next morning.  It was a road trip that would take about seventeen hours total.  Our plan was to drive to South Carolina first and stay with my uncle for two nights, and then drive the rest of the way to my house, which will be James’s home for the summer too.  Stay tuned to read about the road trip in my next post!

-Celia Alexandra



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