Getting in a groove: Part 6

If you are just joining me on this adventure, I encourage you to go back and read my first blog, The Beginning. There I explain the context of all of this, the other posts will help to fill in the pieces of my relationship as well, or else my posts from here on out will be very confusing!  Ok, let’s keep going, I still have some filling in to do before we can get to the present time!


It had been five months since that summer, (see Of surprise dates and drive-ins) and in those five months, I had seen James three times.  It doesn’t sound like much, but for a long distance relationship, that is pretty good.  We had to wait three months at first (which sucked a lot) because school had just started again for both of us, so he flew up to Boston in October for my Fall break again.

(Above are all pictures from our time in Boston.)

Then, we saw each other again over Thanksgiving break because my family visits my grandparents in Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving, and thankfully they weren’t too far from James.  So we got to go to a hockey game one night and we ran in the Turkey Trot together with my family.


Then, A few weeks later, he came up to Boston again for my Winter Ball in December.

At the Winter Ball.

He also came to my house in Florida for a little bit over Christmas break.  Looking back on it, it is so cool that we get to do as much as we do together.  One of the gifts that he gave me for Christmas this year (2014) was a promise ring on a thin silver chain to wear as a necklace.  He explained, through a letter that said:

“When my grandfather was young, he gave this to my grandma with a promise.  A promise that he loved her more than anything.  A promise that he would be there for her no matter the circumstance.  A promise to stick by his best friend through thick and thin.  This ring has been passed down and I am proud to say that I can give this to you with that same promise.  I will always be here for my baby girl.  I love you more than words could ever describe and I will spend my life with you.  I promise you that I will ask for you hand some day.”


The next trip we planned was for him to fly to Boston in February of 2015.  When he came that time, we went swing dancing one night, (which we quickly learned was not our talent) went to a campus film event, and went to a show in Boston another night.  We really pack in as many dates as we can to make up for lost time.

James and I at the campus event.
FullSizeRender 8
Swing dancing!
FullSizeRender 7
Attempting to swing dance.
James and I after the Blue Man Group in Boston.


Time does fly if you have something to look forward to.  I miss him in the little things though.  Like when I am going out with my friends, he should be there, or when I am having a late night craving for ice-cream, he should be there to go with me to the store.  When I sit down to watch a movie, or decide to bake cookies, I want him there.  It is hard to do the everyday things without the person you love beside you.  He and I had so much to look forward to, and I think that’s one of the reasons that we make dating with distance work so well.  We are constantly keeping in mind what it will be like one day, instead of focusing on how hard it is to not always have each other just a short drive away.



  1. Amazingly written and really just heart warming. You guys have such a sweet love which really just made me smile while reading this. That letter is so sweet, guys like that don’t come along every day.You two are so lucky to have found each other 🙂 I look forward to hearing more!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Calexandria,
    It’s great you provide support for people in long distance relationships here. I know people who have broken up in that situation.
    Thanks for coming by my site yesterday. I’m glad you liked my linky party.


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