Getting out of the slump: Part 4

I remember getting back from visiting him around some time in April of 2014, I was so sad and did not want to do anything.  All I did was stare at my suitcase which I left in the middle of my room for a few days.  Long distance does suck.  It is so hard to go from being with someone for a whole week straight to then being ripped from them and forced to go back to reality. But then I started to think about all we did that week.  I thought about our exploration down by the train tracks by his school, I thought about going flying with him again, sitting in the back of the plane admiring him doing what he was so passionate about.  I thought about the hockey game we went to, and our walk down by the river in the city.  I thought about holding his hand in the car and cuddling on the couch watching movies late at night.

It takes a little while to adjust back to life without him, but I usually try to keep my schedule insanely busy, as does he, so we don’t have time to think about being depressed. We decided to plan a trip for him to come to Florida over the summer for a week (that is where I am from).  Once we did this, I was so excited again because we began planning all we wanted to do there.  I couldn’t wait to show him where I am from and I was excited that he would get to spend more time with my family, and meet my friends from home.


While he was at my house, we spent most of our time one the beach.  One day, while snorkeling, we found a sand dollar.  We decided that we wanted to write the location and year we found it, and continue to do that in the future when we traveled together.  We went on a sunset sailboat ride one day.  Sailing into the sunset with him was so romantic.  I mean picture it; we were standing at the edge of a sailboat, the waves crashing on the sides of the boat, with his arm around my waist.  The sky was a backdrop, splashed with different shades of pink and orange.  It was a perfect evening.

(Pictures from the sailboating date night.)

Another night, we went kayaking under the full moon.  We went with a group and the tour brought us to a private island which they had tiki-torches set up on and bon fires.  We get to do so many fun things together.

(These pictures are us at the beach, us when we were kayaking, and the bottom poor quality picture is the island we kayaked to with tiki-torches.)

We also celebrated our one year while he was there.  (Here’s the short version,) he got me a globe that I saw in the window of a shop we passed one night.  He surprised me and went back and got it one morning while I was still sleeping.  He wrote me a letter explaining that he wants to give me the world and wants to take me everywhere. I’ll just leave it at that.



  1. Hang in there — distance can be very tough. 😦 but it sounds like you two are making it work, despite all the difficulties. That’s amazing! 🙂 Stay strong!


  2. Wow! His way of showing his love for you is just so awesome. He gifted you a globe to tell you that he wants to give you the whole world. Now, that’s what is called “true love”.

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