Figuring it out: Part 3

After our fun New Year’s together, I drove back with him to his house, where we were staying with his family.  I loved being back in the town where we first met.  Camp was having a staff reunion, which we went to.  He drove me all around his town and showed me where he went to school and his old house that he lived in before his family moved onto the camp property.  (Both of his parent’s work at the camp.)  It was nice being here and actually being allowed to date without being scared we would get fired.

These are pictures that I took near his house, which were taken over the summer, not when I was there in the winter (obv.)

Two of his best friends from college were getting married that weekend, which is why I went back to his house with him, so I could be his date.  I remember that I kept thinking how much I loved how normal things were with us.  This was only our second time being with each other since we started dating, and nothing was awkward and we did so much in a week.


Two months went by before we saw each other again, but our relationship continued to develop.  I flew to Pittsburgh to spend a few days with him over Spring break.  While I was there, he took me flying (I forgot to mention that he is a licensed private pilot and is working toward becoming a commercial pilot…I’ll get there.)  He showed me around his school’s campus, we hung out with his friends, and he told me what he got me for my birthday.  He was going to fly to Boston in a little over a week for a long weekend with me!



It sounds too simple, but the key to a long distance relationship is to enjoy every moment you have together and make the most of your situation.  You really have to stay positive about your situation or else you will drive yourself crazy.  We always try to plan the next time we will see each other so we have something to look forward to, and in the time in between that, we reflect on the memories and things we have done together so far.  When we are together, we block everything out and focus on each other and spending quality time together no matter what we are doing.  I am not saying it is easy, or that we never argue, or that we don’t feel sorry for ourselves sometimes, but when we are focusing on the positives, our relationship is so strong.




  1. Great post, thanks for sharing your experience with your long distance relationship. It sounds like a great idea planning your next meeting so you can look forward to it. I look forward to future post from yourself. Check mine out when you get the chance 🙂

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  2. I love your thinking. Frankly speaking, I always had this opinion that long distance relationships don’t work. But your post has changed my thinking now. Loved reading it. God bless you both! And if I’m not wrong that’s a picture of you with your boyfriend. Right? You both look cute and very happy together. Always stay the same. Don’t let anything separate you both 🙂

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    • Thank you for your sweet and encouraging comment. Yes, that is James and I! Long distance relationships can work very well if it is with the right person, it isn’t easy, but I am excited to share all of my stories and adventures with you guys. I have three years (and counting) of stories to tell 🙂

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  3. Long distance relationships work. And they have something very special: The fact that when you are together you truly make the most of it. You enjoy each other and you try to find ways to make everyone happy. I had a long distance relationship for many years. Things did not work out in the end but to the day the long distance relationship is still the second most important relationship besides my marriage now. Enjoy 🙂

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